Mississauga Civic Centre

The Mississauga City Hall, home to the Mississauga City Council, is also known as Mississauga Civic Centre. The Building was finished in 1987, and it was designed by Jones and Kirkland architects. The architecture is based on a “futuristic farm.” Fast forward 30 years, Mississauga is not a farm country anymore and the Building is not futuristic anymore, but a old 37,280 square metre relic of the past. The building was  chosen as the winner of a design competition that included 246 submissions – would love to see the other 245 submissions.

The Duke and Duchess of York were part of the opening ceremonies for the new civic centre in July 1987. The Duke’s visit gave us the Duke of York Blvd. that runs through Mississauga City Centre and intersects City Centre Drive where Mississauga Civic Centre is located.

The Duke’s impression of City Hall was “It’s quite remarkable”. However, the media had fun with his quote about the building due to local criticism of the structure and the fact that the media found his response to be less than sincere.

Mississauga resident Don Cherry, Hockey Night In Canada, stated that the new City Hall reminded him of his home town Kingston, Ontario because it looked more like a penitentiary than a City Hall.

Mississauga also faced criticism over the fact that they decided to use bricks from a U.S. company for construction.

In the recent years, Mississauga Civic Centre has expanded further paving over the City Centre Drive to connect to Burnhamthorpe Road to the South to create Mississauga Celebration Square that is home to many events throughout the year.