Downtown 21 – Urban Development Plan

City of Mississauga has launched a comprehensive community plan to create a vibrant neighbourhood. The City staff, Council for the City of Mississauga and the community collaborated to create the new strategic plan so as to make it an urban place. The current vision for the downtown is to create memorable places and reinforce the pedestrian experience. This urban planning movement focuses on smart growth and new urbanism.

The master urban plan is based on certain principles that help in enhancing transportation facilities, development of a multicultural place and economic development.

The first guiding step of the development plan recommends that development patterns should be designed in a way to facilitate walking, cycling, job or housing services should be at nearby places to each other. The second point stresses on organizing downtown in unique districts to promote cultural values and education. The third point emphasises on the employment of LEED building practices for further development, storm water management practices and development of ENVAC. The fourth point details a framework that defines the future streets and the design standards of buildings. The fifth point focuses on creating a new Main Street ,that would be established to facilitate job sector, housing and education. The sixth point describes the efforts required to enhance economic and urban vitality.

Downtown framework plan consists of collection of districts: Confederation, Square One, Hurontario, Main Street, Sussex, Mississauga Valley, Civic District, Clearly Park and Rathburn. The plan explains the set of new streets and its land usage, details of the redo related to streets framework. Generally speaking the plan will improve the City’s grid.

Downtown 21 master development plan helps to target action, projects, partnerships and all organizational structures in order to implement the plan. The plan focuses on the Main Street District in order to establish a development momentum in downtown.

Downtown Mississauga may be called the civic centre of the city. As, it is the most intense growth area possessing many employment opportunities with transit support, so that is why it is selected for further development. Down town has potential for more development intensity due to its several transits. Further development will promote recreation and will also protect ecosystem.

The future framework plan envisions new streets, greenways and transits and represents a long term build out of Mississauga downtown.